"What on Earth" November 13, 2016


Left to right: Danica Lorer, Paddy Tutty, Chris Lindgren, Jerry Haigh, Pam Garner, Bonnie Logan and Becky Thomas.

World Storytelling Day March 2016


Top row: Paddy Tutty, Chris Lindgren, Bonnie Logan, Eveline Boudreau
Bottom row: Pam Garner, David Kim-Cragg, Becky Thomas.

Photos from World Storytelling Day 2013

Bonnie Danica Rhonda David Judith Norm

Top row: Bonnie Logan, Danica Lorer, Rhonda Brown, David Kim Cragg, Judith Benninger, Norm Walker.
Bottom row: Rhonda Brown, Paddy Tutty, Norm Walker, Bonnie Logan, Judith Benninger, Kathy Bennett, Pam Garner, Danica Lorer.

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